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The 2023 Equipment Grants Application opens on November 1, 2023. Eligible applicants have the opportunity to win the "collection" grant, worth up to $55,000 of equipment.  The 2023 Collection Grant is comprised of donations made by multiple equipment companies. Applications and videos must be submitted by a school nutrition director.
The Collection Grant is comprised of the following generous donors:
Visit www.schoolnutritionfoundation.org/equipment-grants to see the list of available equipment.

All contributing Foodservice Equipment Companies will work closely with the grant winner to determine its needs and help make final selections as well as arrange delivery of the equipment to the district.
Applicants must be:
-Current director-level members of the School Nutrition Association, who have been members of SNA for at least one year (since at least January 1, 2022)

-Responsible for directing the school nutrition program of the school district

Applications must represent the entire school district’s equipment needs.

Applications will be reviewed for need, plan to integrate new equipment and impact of new equipment on school nutrition program.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.